Monday, January 31, 2005


Well, I was thinking of putting my class notes online... so this happened.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

As per my wife's verbal bludgeonings (a word that made its appearance in Mr. Gugg's reading of the Synaxarion a few days ago), I am starting a blog. Topic #1: Church school (a.k.a. Sunday school). I have been helping teach eighth grade at a local church for about five months now. Every time I feel like I am making some headway in having the students listen and understand, I seem to be swiftly brought back to reality. Today, no one showed up.

Last time we had class, I was told that some parents just bring them to Sunday school (and not to the Liturgy) if they bring them at all. I also realized from comments made during a pretty interesting discussion, that they have little knowledge of what is going on in church. Thus, the dilemma: I can prepare, I can try to find out how to make them see the meaning that Christianity can have in their lives, I can ask for input, I can even make brownies (rather, my wife can make them, since she loves that). But if I can't get them there, how can I interact with them? I volunteered to coach a basketball team in order to have a chance to interact with them more often, but the team I ended up coaching has no one from the class. Thus, the questions...

How can I take this up with the parish priest? What are the questions to ask in order to try and find a solution to the problem without sounding accusatory?

Am I, a seminarian, in a position to try and talk to their parents?

Any suggestions?