Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas fun

While reading various Christmas-related stories, I thought back to a Christmas concert with the Notre Dame Glee Club. It was fun - roughly seventy college kids in front of a fairly large audience in the now-defunct Stepan Center. I enjoyed being on the stage singing all sorts of Christmas songs, but the part that puts a smile on my face is the Undertones selection (the Undertones are a small group of glee club singers who both have their own concerts and perform during regular glee club ones). They were singing "Jingle Bell Rock" with a twist: the soloist was supposed to have forgotten the lyrics, so the other guys were trying to remind him of it.

As the song went, the only word that didn't get in there was "rock." The helping props were a sock, a duck, and other such items. Finally, at the end, a large rock gets pulled out of a duffel bag and the soloist gets it right. Except for our second performance of the evening. In between shows I went to the Undertones and asked, what if, instead of getting it right at the end, which everyone expects, the soloist sings "stone"?

I'm happy to say that the guys took the suggestion up and got quite a reaction from the second performance crowd.