Saturday, September 23, 2006

Adventures in Deaconing

Episode 1: The Elevation of the Holy Cross

I served as second deacon for hierarchical Vespers with Archbishop Demetrios and, for uniformity, I was wearing one of the vestment sets belonging to the Archdiocese (Dn. Nathaniel and I were wearing matching vestments). The only problem was that at one point, in the middle of the service, the orarion got caught on a door handle and the button from the sticharion broke. As I was about to go out the door for a set of petitions, there wasn't much that could be done. So I had a rather interesting experience going through the petitions and watching the orarion slowly slide towards the back and towards the outside of my left shoulder. I think I ended the petitions with my left shoulder significantly higher than my right. Thankfully the orarion held just enough...

Episode 2: Leave-taking of the Elevation of the Holy Cross

The calendar said Vespers (which, around here, means small Vespers, as Great Vespers are indicated as such), the priest was ready for small Vespers, so I put on my exorasson, wore an orarion, and went out for the first set of petitions. Now, let me tell you that it is a bit unnerving to watch the people who are in charge of the chapel come to the candle holders and put seven candles in each as you are saying "For the peace of the whole world... " So here I am, in vested for small Vespers and all of a sudden I am in the middle of Great Vespers. Thankfully, there are several sets of vestments in the chapel, so between the first set of petitions and the censing at "Let my prayer" I was re-vested appropriately.