Thursday, February 03, 2005


I keep wondering whether it is possible to structure a seminary education in an efficient/effective way. It seems that there is so much to cram in - regardless of whether your end goal is to "produce theologians" or "produce priests" or "produce parish administrators". Right now my mild frustration stems from the fact that, seeing the current state of affairs, I feel like I want to get out there at this point in time to try and improve things.

Yes, I know there are many things to be said about that statement. One is that I should have patience. Another is that it is quite presumptuous of me to think I could improve things. My answers to those things are: 1. I know I need to be patient. There are still many things I can learn over the next couple of years which will put me in a better position to help once I leave Holy Cross. 2. I can only hope and pray that I can make a positive impact (however small) on this world.

That having been said, it is still somewhat frustrating that most of my energy is spent towards classes. I guess the old engineer in me sees a problem and keeps saying: "try to find a solution." For now I guess I'll settle for trying to find a solution to the Church School problem previously mentioned.

P.S. Following Seraphim's comment about the pinkness of my blog and having given up on modifying the previous template - too many css sections to wade through to make all the changes I wanted - I've chosen to go with a simpler color scheme.


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