Sunday, February 06, 2005


Today at St. Vasilios we had a Church School teachers' meeting. I was hoping to get a word in about attendance, but I didn't have to. The topic was touched upon during the general discussion, so the three of us seminarians just took the ball and ran with it. This is probably, for each of us, the first opportunity to try and put into application some of what we have been taught here.

Long story short, Church school students do not come to either Liturgy or Church school by themselves. Thus, in order to improve attendance, we need to get their parents interested as well. So the three of us are preparing a questionnaire to try and gauge the interest of the parents in various activities/religious topics. The reason we are here is that as soon as the discussion started, there was a consensus that the Church school and the parish of St. Vasilios needed to do something and the means were there, by which to attempt doing that something. So we - seminarians and St. Vasilios Church school teachers/administrators - are taking the first steps. May God guide these steps; please pray for us.


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