Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kitchen Arguments

Tonight, seeing that we had some fruit in the fridge that was starting to leave "ripe" in the rear-view mirror, I decided to try making a pie. Since the results turned out quite well, I posted the recipe on a friend's blog (said blog is dedicated, in part, to pie recipes). The following exchange ensued:

M: You posted your recipe in metric!
P: Well, yes, I did!
M: Metric in cooking, I just find that funny.
P: My cookbook is in metric.
M: Your cookbook has funny vowels.
P: My cookbook has recipes you like!
M (with a dreamy facial expression, sighs): Yeah...


Blogger Huw said...

I blogged a meat pie recipe in metric last evening. Metric makes more sense on the internet: there are so many different "cups" out there that it seems hospitable making the needed conversion to a universal system on the writer's part (rather than making the reader do it).

6:24 AM  
Blogger Mairs said...

Yep, when's that baby due?! lol

9:46 PM  

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