Thursday, May 24, 2007

Holy Cross - a first wrap-up of sorts

Things I will not miss:

That, hard as it may be to distinguish, is a rather large turkey roosting in a tree outside our balcony. Today it woke up before 5am, with some urgent news that had to be announced to the entire surrounding area... Considering that we saw about ten of them at one time, I suppose things could be worse.

That being said, there are many more things that I will miss:

Both the chapel and the barely-visible hawks atop the cross have provided a sense of beauty and awe over the years. Then, there is my classmates' sense of humor. Next year's SGA president has (by coincidence) a parking spot that is only two spots away from the parking spot of the university president. Which, of course, brought about the following idea:

But in the end, we do come back to nature

The picture above was taken from our balcony. On Sunday, as we were leaving for church, Magda stopped me and said "You need to go back." Four deer were grazing, not twenty meters from the road. They looked at us, as if to say "Could we have our breakfast?" and continued their leisurely Sunday morning.


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Congratulations on this! La mults ani!

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