Thursday, February 24, 2005

The little things in life

Are worth taking delight in. Today, in Dogmatics, Fr. Clapsis said that he noticed I put class notes on line. "You take very detailed notes, so I went back and checked to make sure I didn't say any heresies." For circumstance, delivery, and self-deprecatory humor, that goes to the top of my "favorite things professors have said in class" list.

In other news, the question has come up as to why I've put up class notes. Many reasons. First, because before coming here I very much wished I had some online resources that could be used as introduction for various parts of church life. I figured that, since these notes are, by and large, from introductory courses (each of these courses could become a life's worth of research and study), they might be useful. Second, I thought that if people read them, they may disagree with some of the things said and let me know. That would give me an opportunity to broaden my horizons/research the points of disagreement and see what I can gain by that. Third, when I couldn't attend class or couldn't register for a particular course, I relied on other people's electronic notes in order to learn what I was missing, so I thought this would be a way to provide others with the kind of help I received (I was told by a couple of people that they find these notes useful). There are several other less important reasons, but I hope these three main ones are enough for now.


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