Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Welcome to Dallas

A small reason for the extended silence was the trip my wife and I took to Dallas for a mini-family reunion (hers, obviously). The weekend had its moments, but at this point the only thing that I really remember was church on Sunday.

Minor side-bar. The Theotokos icon of Sitka has been visiting places in the continental US. It came to Massachusetts, but somehow that evening there was no time to go.

Return from side-bar. We had several options for church on Sunday, but in the end we decided on a close church, which happened to start Liturgy the earliest. It just so happened that church was the OCA cathedral. For one, I had read Archbishop Dimitri's book on the parables of Jesus and enjoyed it, and I was hoping he would be there for the service, if only to associate a person with the book. He was indeed and I am glad we went to see that hierarchical liturgy.

For another, the Liturgy was beautiful - the typika were sung, as were the creed and "Our Father" and overall there was a feeling of holiness in the service. Perhaps that could be attributed in part to the icon standing roughly in the middle of the church: the Theotokos of Sitka. It was strange - both Magda and I just stood and said a couple of prayers, without going to the icon itself, but it still somehow felt that going to that Liturgy and seeing the icon was the main reason why we needed to be in Dallas that weekend.

Have I ever mentioned that I love 'minor' miracles?


Blogger Elizabeth said...

We always loved attending the OCA cathedral...even though we were (and are) in the GOA. So welcoming. Say hi to Alice for us next time you go there...and is Fr. Bob still there? I mean the younger one--I know there was a Fr. Robert and a Fr. Bob several years ago. But Fr. Bob and Karen were our upstairs neighbors at Holy Cross. Say hi to them, too, if you see them!

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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