Sunday, February 12, 2006


I mentioned in the previous post that there is one true reality, God´s perspective. Our journey in life is, or should be, a journey towards unity in that perspective. Our separate, individual realities create separation and division, as we clearly see around us. It is no surprise that the devil, in Greek, means the one who divides. The devil´s work in this world is exactly that - to divide.

Humanity as a whole feels the effects of the division - our awkward efforts at overcoming it attest to this. The problem that I see - from my imperfect reality - is that our efforts are more often than not based on one of two precepts: that one particular imperfect reality should prevail, or that we should average our imperfect realities. This is, from my perspective, very similar to the original fall - a story that keeps repeating itself through history: we try to achieve our meaning, our vocation for unity (more about that in my class notes on Christ in the Old Testament) apart from God.

More to come...


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