Monday, February 20, 2006

End of a topic

The semester is hectic as always, so I will finish rather more briefly than I had originally intended and, consequently, I may have to revisit this topic in the future to clarify a few things.
However, given the way this semester is going...

The Orthodox Church takes seriously the freedom of the Holy Spirit. We have the belief that the Spirit was present in the creation of the world, spoke through the prophets and continues to act through history. It is the Holy Spirit who is guiding the world (history) towards the final eschatological end. Because of this, I am not ready to say that the efforts that we are making towards recovering our original unity are entirely futile. However, it seems to me that they will not be successful either, until we realize our both our shortcomings and the Person in whom our shortcomings can be overcome. However, this is the responsibility of each person. More often than not the people in the places of authority are reflections of the people.

The above is part of the reason why becoming a priest is something that I pray for and eagerly await, while at the same time being something that I hold in awe. The priests are often the image of God for the parishioners - they need to reflect God as much as possible, including having a theological view of world events (again, trying to draw closer to God and see His reality), Otherwise, the faithful will not have examples for their formation as Christians living in today's world. I guess I'm beginning to understand (a little bit) why St. John Chrysostom gave so many reasons for not becoming a priest, yet, in the end, devoted his life to being one.


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